***FULLY INSURED!!!***
Kitchen (Classic service)
Dust/clean ceiling fans, door frames, counter-tops, exterior cabinets.
Clean exterior/top of stove, refrigerator, and oven.
Clean interior/exterior microwave.
Vacuum and mop floors.
Throw away garbage(recyclables are taken outside when your neighborhood provides the bins).
Polish stainless steel appliances.
***Kitchen (Upgrade service) Extra fees will apply
All of the above are included.
Interior of ovens $30, cabinets $20, and refrigerator $30 (all must be empty)            
**Not included: Dishes, washing walls.   

Bathrooms(Classic service)
Sanitize shower, tub, sink, and toilet.
Polish fixtures.
Clean mirrors and glass doors.
Clean exterior cabinets and counter-tops.
Empty garbage bins.
Vacuum and mop floors.
**Not included: Closets, shower liners, laundry, washing walls.
***Bathrooms (Upgrade service) Extra fees will apply.
Interior of cabinets and mirrors $20 (must be empty)free with Kitchen Upgrade.    

Living Room/Family Room
                                                       Dust/clean ceiling fans, door frames,baseboards,furniture,  and electronics. 
Clean mirrors and frames.
Wash interior windows. 
Vacuum carpet, floors, and mop.
**Not included: Washing walls, closets, moving heavy furniture or appliances.

Dust/clean ceiling fans, door frames, and baseboards.
Make bed/change sheets and linens(must leave out)     
Dust/clean furniture and electronics.  
Clean mirrors and frames.                                                   
Wash interior windows.
**Not included: Washing walls, laundry, closets, moving heavy furniture or appliances.

Move In/Move Out                      
In order to better meet your needs, we highly recommend that your place be completely empty at the time that the service will be provided. The Kitchen Upgrade service is also recommended.

All rooms include:    
Dust/clean ceiling fans, door frames, and baseboards.
Wash interior windows. 
Interior closets and laundry room (in unit)  
Vacuum and mop floors.
**Not included: Disposing of furnishings and materials other than trash, washing walls.

Kitchen includes classic service (please see above) 
***Kitchen upgrade service recommended!!(please see above)***

Bathrooms includes classic service (please see above)
***Bathroom upgrade service is free ONLY when requesting the Kitchen Upgrade***

Green Service (coming soon)